About us

Liliana Botnaru

The founder of Eco-Village Moldova, Liliana has been a part of Eco-Village Moldova back when the idea was just a dream. Hard-working to a fault and extremely dedicated to Eco-Village Moldova, Liliana is the glue that holds our Eco-Village family together.

Valeria Șfarț-Gröger

The director of development and the co-founder of EcoVisio. Valeria and her family are a big part of our Eco-Village family, which is great, because her greatest passions are her family, EcoVisio, and inspiring change — not necessarily in that order.

Julian Gröger

The president of EcoVisio. Between his busy job and his duties as a father of two, Julian somehow finds time to help around at Eco-Village Moldova. Regardless of whether you see him leading a session or taking care of his children, you will always see a beaming smile on Julian’s face.

WHAT do we do?


Eco-Village Moldova is founded on the ideas of building resilient communities: co-housing lifestyle, permaculture principles, eco-construction, and training sessions.

At Eco-Village Moldova, we are a community of like-minded people who live and work at the same place.

Through permaculture principles, we promote sustainable and organic agricultural practices in a Moldovan context.

Advocating for eco-construction through the use of energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable resources and practices is yet another focus of ours here at Eco-Village Moldova.

Lastly, we also provide training sessions on a variety of topics — from all of the aforementioned topics to cooking, solar fruit drying, recycling/upcycling, and many more — at our Eco-Training Center.

WHY we do it?

Sometimes when we’re busy worrying about what we can do to help the environment, we might forget that it is also important to take care of ourselves. At Eco-Village Moldova, we value having a healthy lifestyle and share that value through organic agricultural practices, having a healthy diet, exercise, and a lot more!

Maintaining a minimal environmental impact is an important part of our mission. Making sure that the natural surroundings are still around, and intact, in the future is a large motivator for us.

We strongly believe that nothing that we do could have been done without the involvement of our community. People can be a great resource, but most importantly, they’re great company.

HOW we do it?

Every meal served at Eco-Village Moldova is completely vegetarian. Although not every guest that arrives practices this lifestyle, meat is not served here.

Nearly all of the produce we use for our meals are made and grown here. If we don’t make it ourselves, we work alongside our local community to bring in locally-sourced produce and materials.

In addition to bringing in local members of the community into our Eco-Village team, we frequently involve locals in our projects and sessions.