Walnuts planting

tree planting

In collaboration with NGO Ecovisio and the local school, we organized the first WikiWoods 2-days planting action in Moldova at the end of November 2014. About 40 volunteers of all ages joined hands in planting over 300 walnuts on a piece of abandoned public land at the entrance to Rîșcova village. Check out this video to see how it went! 



In December 2014 we started weekly meetings with young people from grades 8 & 9, forming an eco-club in Rîșcova. Through various games, documentaries, case studies, experiments and practical activities we explore where the "stuff" around us comes from, how many resources are used to produce it, the complexity of connections between people around the globe and nature, as well as our environmental impact.

Annual report

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We would like to thank all of our supporters for contributing their time, knowledge and resources to help build our community. With your help we managed to get some results in 2014. Here is an overview of our progress so far and plans for 2015. 

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We're a diverse group of people, striving for a more sustainable lifestyle and committed to building an organically evolving eco-community in rural Moldova, starting with a Modern Eco-Conference Center and dorms for training participants.Read more...


As our community grows, a small number of families will live on-site, following a cohousing model. This concept describes an active group of people who have decided to live next to each other and build their neighborhood together. See our “Cohousing” presentation from July 2013:

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Our vision

The main concept of our project is described in this vision paper:Diary notes from 2018.