Who we are and what we do...

We're a diverse group of people, striving for a more sustainable lifestyle and committed to building an eco-community in Moldova. We're partnering with "EcoVisio" Non-profit Organization and are always open for new partners, members, ideas and support.

We're planning to build an organically evolving community in rural Moldova, based on a few principles: reducing our environmental footprint, building healthy relationships, improving the quality of life, promoting volunteerism and continuous education. An important aspect of our eco-community will be a social and educational project.


strawberiesWe invite people to explore together healthier and more responsible lifestyles through:

  • Minimizing consumption of energy-intensive products (petroleum, metal, cement)
  • "Green" construction and shared use of resources
  • Land restoration initiatives (organic gardening, permaculture, tree nursery...)



educatoeWe are ready to partner with NGOs, educational institutions, businesses, Local Public Administrations and individuals, interested in the following services:

  • Modern Eco-Conference Center
  • Practical environmental awareness and community building workshops
  • Vocational trainings in natural construction and eco-system restoration



planningWould you consider living outside Chisinau while not feeling isolated? Would you appreciate having like-minded neighbors? Are you ready to make a commitment to changing your lifestyle?

  • Join us in building eco-community:
  • Modern efficient homes (15-60 m2) built from natural materials
  • Extensive shared facilities in the form of a common house (to include workshops, kid's room, dining area, guest rooms, offices, etc.)
  • Collective design, financing and continued management of the community
  • Opportunities for social business development (wind turbine, eco-cafe...)