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How do we build strong and resilient communities? What are the joys and challenges of living in an eco-village? Where can we learn about eco-construction? How can we adopt a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle wherever we are? These kind of questions we've tried to explore in spring of 2014 through a series of meetings with guest-speakers and a movie screening „Within Reach". 


Eco-village Moldova participated alongside EcoVisio NGO in organizing on October 5 the first fair of eco-opportunities in Moldova - “IARMAReco”. It aimed to bring together eco-activists, NGOs, organic farmers, public institutions and entrepreneurs that promote healthy and sustainable lifestyle, eco-products or services and environmental actions.

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Cohousing and Eco-village in Moldova

In July, we've organized 2 open prezentations on "Cohousing" and Ecovillage Moldova. Cohousing concept describes an active group of people, who decided to live next to each other and build together their neighborhood.

You can find the presentation from July events following the link on the left.


straw bale fence

Over the summer, Eco-village Moldova experimented with several eco-construction techniques. Using primarily recycled materials, we’ve built an earth-bag gazebo, a straw-bale fence and a cob-covered bread oven for the Neohumanist Center for elderly people in Straseni.