Wednesday, 30 October 2013 15:09



Eco-village Moldova participated alongside EcoVisio NGO in organizing on October 5 the first fair of eco-opportunities in Moldova - “IARMAReco”. It aimed to bring together eco-activists, NGOs, organic farmers, public institutions and entrepreneurs that promote healthy and sustainable lifestyle, eco-products or services and environmental actions.

Over 40 companies, NGOs and initiatives joined the event. Presentations ranged from the initiatives implemented over the summer by ActivEco participants, to a display of organic vegetables, tasty treats and eco-products like natural cosmetics, reusable diapers, wooden toys for kids. Visitors also had a chance to participate in several workshops, such as natural soap making, jewelry from recycled materials, design your own cloth bag, planting flowers, etc.

The event received positive coverage on TV, radio and printed media. For more information about IARMAReco and its participants please visit: IARMAReco program or IARMAReco Facebook 

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