Who we are...

We're a diverse group of people, striving for a more sustainable lifestyle and committed to building an eco-community in Moldova. The group is still forming, but it already includes people of different ages, married and single, with and without children, with various educational backgrounds and experiences.

We're trying to build an open community, not isolated or dogmatic, and we're always open for new people, ideas and support.

The initiative of building an eco-village in Moldova started with a young couple: David Jesse and Liliana Botnaru, which asked themselves: what environment are we leaving our children with the current lifestyle?

Liliana Botnaru

Liliana Botnaru

Liliana is active in civil society since 1998 taking on various roles: volunteer, NGO founder, project coordinator, president of an alliance of NGOs and trainer. For the last 7 years, Liliana managed the Community and Organizational Development Project at Peace Corps Moldova. Before that, she was involved in establishing a Center for elderly people in Straseni, with "Neohumanist" Association for Education.

Mother to three kids, Liliana got passionate about a healthier, more affordable and ecological living, close to people that share similar values. At the moment, she is the main point of contact for anyone interested in Eco-Village Moldova project.

Alexandru Lozinschi

sasha 3Research and logistics coordinator 

Sasha has been part of the project from the very first site visits in 2011. His enthusiasm, open mind and willingness to challenge assumptions are as strong today as when we started. We hope we'll be able to give Sasha a break from driving, so he can start getting his hands dirty with eco-construction this year.

Robert & Amanda McMasters

6Site managers

With experience in building and volunteer management, Robert and Amanda will be coordinating the construction process this summer. They are living in a nearby house and will be supervising everything from foundation to finish work. Amanda plans to use her skills as a former Habitat for Humanity coordinator to help create an atmosphere where anyone can join in and contribute something.


Our Advisers

   Robyn Savacool
   Nicon Cernat
   Nadia Lungu
   Constantin Furtuna
   Mariana Seremet             Landscape Designer
   Constantin Cebotari,
   Construction intern
   Cristian Chilian,
   Construction intern

Our supporters

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