Saturday, 10 August 2013 19:42

Eco-construction in Straseni

straw bale fence

Over the summer, Eco-village Moldova experimented with several eco-construction techniques. Using primarily recycled materials, we’ve built an earth-bag gazebo, a straw-bale fence and a cob-covered bread oven for the Neohumanist Center for elderly people in Straseni.



Neohumanist Center daily serves about 60 elderly and those new structures would provide space for so much desired outdoor activities.

Coordinated by Claudia Botnaru, this initiative showed us another example of community building, bringing together young and old, sponsors and volunteers, locals and foreigners, public and private institutions. Support came in various ways, from local and international volunteers that helped build the structures to donations of wood, recycled tiles and money. To give our eco-structures more life and  color, children from Straseni Art school and a Dutch Volunteer, Harmke Nijnof, painted beautiful murals, depicting the elderly, the traditional Moldovan ballad – “Miorita”, and the ever-changing four seasons.

We’d like to express our appreciation to everyone who supported this initiative and give special thanks to the Educational Center Moldova , who helped us raise 1300 lei through a donation box installed at their book store.

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